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The Story of White Tree Farm

White Tree Farm is goat dairy farm located in Statesville, North Carolina. The farm was started in 2020 by Heather and Chris Goforth. In late 2019 Chris got laid off from his IT job in the financial industry of Wilmington, De. Heather was working as a security director for a non-profit theater company in Philadelphia, Pa and as a night manager for a grocery store. Due to covid Heather decided that she no longer wanted to be in security even though she had been doing it for over 20 years. She wanted to make a change and with Chris looking for work they decided it was the best time to make it happen. Heather had made the decision that she wanted to go into farming and make goat cheese. So the decision was made that we needed to move from the crowded northeastern US to a more rural area.

Chris started looking for a new job in North Carolina. Chris and Heather regularly vacationed in Asheville, NC so that is where he began his focus for the job hunting. Before too long he had job offers coming in. A major home improvement company located in the Charlotte, NC area offered to relocate them from Wilmington, NC to the Charlotte Area. After missing out on several houses with acreage required to raise and milk goats they finally found a house for sale that was once a donkey farm. It had not been operational in many years so it needed a considerable amount of rehabilitation. 

Where did the name come from?

In the middle of our forest that lines the back of our property there is a single white tree that grows. We decided that was a good name for our farm.

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